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My Wishlist at Speckle Rock

You can use an incredibly helpful Wishlist option while shopping at Speckle Rock.

Here at Speckle Rock, we understand if you might not be quite ready to buy yet. There are many reasons for this, so we've given you a highly valuable Wishlist tool so you can save the item(s) you're interested in while you're shopping or window-shopping.

Top 3 reasons you might not be ready to buy yet:

  • You're trying to get ideas.
  • There's still a lot of time until the occasion or Holiday.
  • You haven't received your next paycheck yet.

There are a lot of reasons you might not be making a purchase on your first visit to Speckle Rock. We get it. That's why you're going to love the Wishlist feature.

Top 6 reasons our wishlist tool rocks:

  • The option to add an item to your wishlist is right below the Add to Cart button! How much easier can it be to find?! This option then changes to View in Wishlist for your convenience.
  • If you select certain product options before adding to your Wishlist it saves those options.
  • You can make multiple lists, if needed. It's great to get organized!
  • You can share these lists to social media, to email, or even print your lists.
  • You can put notes on lists and products so you can remember specific things about them when you added them. Anything you need/want to notate or remember!
  • Accessing the Wishlist is super easy. Create an account so that it will stick. Then when you come back you can find links to the Wishlist in the main navigation menu AND in the footer menu! 

Adding your product to the Wishlist


The Wishlist Reminder.

Were you shopping around online all day and you don't quite remember where you saved your awesome products? 2 days after saving items in your Wishlist Speckle Rock will send you an email reminding you about your products! This is an extra added convenience for you.



 Start shopping today and create wishlists of your favorite products!

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