Meet Speckles: the Official Mascot of Speckle Rock


Meet Speckles: The Official Mascot of Speckle Rock

I'd like to introduce you to Speckles, the official mascot of Speckle Rock.

Hello, Everyone. This is Speckles! He's a rounded speckled rock with googly eyes, purple gemstone hair, and a stunning personality. He's adventurous, a huge fan of traveling and exploration, and loves great design, too.

Speckles is very young, though, so he's still learning about the world around him. Follow him as he goes about his day, and as he learns about everything.

Speckles on Social Media:

Speckles loves meeting people, so make sure you take a moment to say "Hello"! You can find Speckles here in the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Follow him here:

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